In pursuit of a true multidisciplinary approach to consciousness, Melbourne Monash Consciousness Research contributes to world-class educational and career opportunities that provide outstanding training and skills for prospective leaders in this field.

Our initiative and network not only aim to connect graduates and postdoctoral researchers with leading academics and top institutions in Melbourne, but also develop clear pathways for engagement with the consciousness community and educational resources.

(For more information on undergraduate and graduate opportunities at the University of Melbourne and Monash University, see links below.)

In accordance with our initiative, as a leading consciousness research hub in Australia, our network seeks to provide educational opportunities to the wider community: from involvement in school level STEM subjects to public outreach presentations through key institutions such as The Wheeler Centre.

Embracing our fundamental philosophy of multidisciplinary collaboration, our mission statement facilitates active collaboration between the sciences and humanities. Ranging from cutting edge research in Artificial Intelligence and Bionics to thought-provoking Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness, and boundary-defining Art mediums; the network has successfully aligned research across an array of disciplines fostering valuable work.

(To follow the latest publications as well as a substantive backlog of interesting collaborative work, please follow us on Twitter @MMConsciousness.)

Undergraduate study opportunities

The University of Melbourne and Monash University offer a wide range of undergraduate degrees that cover several areas of study and subjects related to consciousness research. Here are some useful links for prospective (both domestic and international) students:

The University of Melbourne

Monash University

Domestic students: How to apply for an undergraduate course.
International students: How to apply for an undergraduate course.

  • Undergraduate subjects of interest for Consciousness Research:

Graduate study opportunities

The MMCR network covers a wide array of fields with the central concern of understanding consciousness. The University of Melbourne and Monash University both offer world-leading graduate research opportunities and resources with exciting outcomes. If you are interested in pursuing a graduate course in Consciousness Research here in vibrant Melbourne, you will find relevant information about the application process and entry requirements on the following pages respective pages:

You can learn all about our MMCR Members and their current active research interests, or alternatively, you can reach out directly to members whose research you are interested in.

Why does consciousness research matter?

An understanding of consciousness, and the mechanisms that create our experience of the world and our place within it, is more important than ever before. Significant to our everyday lives, consciousness research has far reaching implications for: