Our People

The Melbourne-Monash Consciousness Research network consists of world-leading researchers from diverse disciplines – each hailing from one of  Victoria’s two principal universities: the University of Melbourne and Monash University.

By uniting experts in philosophy, fine arts and music, psychology, physics, cognitive neuroscience, neuro-engineering, and machine learning and IT, we give our research a distinct cross-disciplinary profile – providing translational relevance across industry and clinical settings.

Internationally-recognised, the teams involved have strong relationships with all relevant key institutes and industry. The network members collaborate extensively – they co-author, co-supervise, run joint research projects and share leadership in international networks and scientific associations.


MMCR network diagram

Why does consciousness research matter?

An understanding of consciousness, and the mechanisms that create our experience of the world and our place within it, is more important than ever before. Significant to our everyday lives, consciousness research has far reaching implications for: