Associate Professor Adeel Razi

Adeel is an Associate Professor and Director of the Computational Neuroscience Laboratory at the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health and Monash Biomedical Imaging. Adeel is an ARC DECRA Fellow (2018-2020) and has been awarded NHMRC Investigator (Emerging Leader) Fellowship (2021-2025).

His lab’s research vision is to perform cross-disciplinary research combining engineering, physics, and machine-learning approaches that are motivated by questions grounded in neurobiology. This will enable us to go beyond the traditional boundaries in order to understand how the brain implements cognition.

Our research program’s priority areas include:

  • development of multi-modal (e.g., functional MRI, diffusion MRI, EEG) and multi-scale Bayesian framework, referred to as Dynamic Causal Modelling, to characterise brain network dynamics and how these dynamics reorganise with different brain pathologies;
  • use of classical psychedelics (e.g. LSD and Psilocybin) in combination with computational modelling to understand neural mechanisms underlying altered states of consciousness;
  • development of neuroscience-inspired artificial intelligence schemes (e.g. active inference) to understand how parts of the brain (e.g. prefrontal cortex and cingulate cortex) perform decision-making.

Before establishing his lab at Monash, Adeel worked at the Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging of University College London from 2012 to 2018. His collaborative work involved:

  • developing brain connectivity (generative) models using functional neuroimaging
  • investigating pathophysiology of various neurogenerative diseases

These collaborations continue at UCL with his appointment as an Honorary Senior Research Associate.

Why does consciousness research matter?

An understanding of consciousness, and the mechanisms that create our experience of the world and our place within it, is more important than ever before. Significant to our everyday lives, consciousness research has far reaching implications for: